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This is a page dedicated to facts and oddities that are too small to fit into a page of their own.

Did you know that:

* the first baby to be delivered at home in Leigh Park was named Anne Hooker and was born in Bramdean Drive in May, 1949

* the Revd John Beaumont conducted the first christening in the estate on 16th October, 1954. It took place at St Francis' Church and was of Albert Edward Harrison.

* that one of the oldest buildings in the estate was the Cricketers Public House which in the early days became the focal point for all things social. Part of the building dates from around the latter half of the 18th century and was never part of the Leigh Park Estate. There have been houses at Stockheath for over 200 years and the Cricketers building has probably been a beer house for that long. It takes its name from the cricket that was played on the common at Stockheath. Sadly at the moment it is boarded up and awaiting its future.

* at the time of the Domesday Book (1086), Havant was a village with a population of about 100. It would seem tiny to us but towns and villages were very small in those days. Havant had two mills which ground grain into flour to make bread for the villagers. One mill was south-west of the town and the other was probably in Langstone. Leigh was just a collection of several houses.

* Portsmouth City Council bought the land onb which leigh park is built in secret deals before the Second World War ended because they could see that there were goint vto be thousands of people homeless b ecause of the bombing raids.

* Leigh Park was once the third largest council estate in Europe?

* in 2004, Leigh Park made the news when a gang stole more than £100,000 from the Nationwide Building Society?

* about 20,000 people plus live in the estate nowadays.

* that Staunton Community Sports College is now the name for Staunto Park School which, in turn,used to be Wakefords Secondary School?


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